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"We rode as a team and fought against ourselves, riding to the limit, and it wasn't easy, as the heat made things complicated. It's very special to win my last race with Etixx - Quick-Step."

Photo:Photo: Etixx-QuickStep / Tim De Waele


09.10.2016 @ 20:43 Posted by Emil Axelgaard

After two disappointing defeats, Etixx-QuickStep returned to the top step of the podium at the World Team Time Trial Championships when they broke the BMC dominance at the 2016 race in Doha. After a thrilling battle, they made the difference in the final section to open a- 12-second advantage over the Americans who had to settle for silver while Orica-BikeExchange returned to the podium after a one-year absence with a solid third place.


We have gathered several reactions.


Jungels: I am grateful to ride for this team

Bob Jungels, Marcel Kittel, Yves Lampaert, Tony Martin, Niki Terpstra and Julien Vermote will go down in the history books as the winners of the 2016 World TTT Championships, a race which Etixx – Quick-Step led from start to finish, under the boiling sun of the Middle East. The 40km-long course was a pan-flat one, suited to the powerful specialists, but very technical as times, especially in the first and closing kilometers, as it included several corners and roundabouts.


Starting from the Lusail Sports Complex, the route took the riders on roads which many knew from the Tour of Qatar, before hitting the final part in Pearl Island. Etixx – Quick-Step was the penultimate team to roll off the ramp and set the best time at the two checkpoints (13.6 km and 26.4 km), before stopping the clock in 42:32, for an average speed of 56.426 km/h. BMC was runner-up, 11 seconds adrift, while Orica-BikeExchange rounded out the podium, on a day in which Etixx – Quick-Step became the first three-time winner of the race against the clock.


Bob Jungels said:


"Riding in the desert was really hard, but we worked well together and we had a good preparation for this race at home, but also here. We could count on strong riders, they all went to the limit and we are very happy now. I am very grateful and happy to ride for this team."


Kittel: We were just pushing, pushing, pushing

Marcel Kittel said:


"In a team time trial it's always about pushing, pushing, pushing, and today was the same. The only fun part in such a race is when you cross the finish line and you hear you've won. We didn't knew the time differences during the race, but we could see how great the team was riding and were really confident. To win the gold medals is fantastic!"


Lampaert: This is the highlight of my career

Yves Lampaert said:


"Becoming world champion is something that will last forever. At the beginning of the week it was difficult for me to adapt to the tough weather conditions in Qatar, but things went better day after day and you could see that today. I am super proud of this result!


"This is the highlight of my career. Of course I was emotional. Last year it was silver, now we get the gold. Finally we beat BMC. Today we were a well-oiled machine, everything was perfect: the turns went well, we cut the corners and was was amazing how smoothly everything went.


"I took one last turn from 1.4 km up to 700 meters from the finish. The speed was very high and then I fell off. This makes sense. It was up to the others to finish it off. This is a great result, we are world champions. The difference with BMC was made in the technical sections.


"I'm really proud of. This is a feeling you cannot describe. I hope that I can experience that again in my career. But that first time is something special here in Qatar in great conditions. It was phenomenal. But I know what my place was. Tony (Martin) was phenomenal. I think he will be very close to the best on Wednesday. I'm going to do my best and see what is possible."


Martin: It’s special to end my time with Etixx-QuickStep in this way

Tony Martin said:


"We rode as a team and fought against ourselves, riding to the limit, and it wasn't easy, as the heat made things complicated. It's very special to win my last race with Etixx – Quick-Step. I've raced all the team time trials since the discipline returned at the Worlds, came every time on the podium and won twice before, but this victory is different. I want to thank the team for today and for these five years, they were incredible.


"We did not get the split times, but we were fighting against ourselves much harder than expected. We were already at our limit after 10 kilometers. This victory is special, because we won with the whole team. It's my last race for Etixx-Quick Step.


"We were really strong collectively. There is no need to be six international stars in a group, on the contrary. We have large engines like Niki Terpstra who did a big job, but it is a collective performance. Small percentages make the difference.


"It’s a really emotional victory for me. It was the last race for the team, and it’s become a family in the last five years, with some great victories and great moments. It’s a dream that came through. It was the perfect final for me, the perfect moment to leave the team with a fantastic memory.


"I tried to prepare myself already in Europe for the heat here, so I was training on rollers in a heated room. Maybe these are just small percentages, but we have to fight for the margins that we can, and that gave me a small indication of what to expect in Qatar, though I’ve never had particular problems with the heat."


It’s a third world title with Niki, and he’s always been one of the big engines on the team. Without him, for sure the three titles would not have been possible, and I think he would probably say the same about me, so it’s a really special relationship. And we knew today that a big era was coming to an end.


"For me, to be honest, Niki was really the biggest engine today, but it was a very harmonic ride from the team. Nobody wanted to show that he was the strongest, and nobody wanted to skip turns so he could save energy and look better in the final. It was super harmonic, and Marcel was so strong in the final kilometre. There was no weak point in the team."


"It’s really hard to say from this how the condition for the individual time trial. In the team time trial, it’s more of a sprint race: you do some 30-second efforts, you take a bit of a rest and then you accelerate again. It’s not really the same. I felt really good, and much more importantly for me, I got some knowledge of what strategy I should use for the individual time trial on Saturday. It was a good experience for me and I learned a lot. What? I will tell you on Wednesday night!”


Terpstra: I think I did 500 roundabouts to prepare for this

Niki Terpstra said:


"In the past two years we lost the title and there was some pressure on us, but we had a good squad and knew that we could win. We prepared really hard for this and all the work paid off. The nicest thing about today is that even when we suffered we managed to gain time. This makes the triumph even sweeter."


"In the World,s it was 2-2 between BMC and us,” he told NOS. We did not arrive at a disadvantage. We had maybe ten riders who could ride today. If you can make such a selection this late in the season, it is a good sign.


"We had a training camp in Belgium. In addition, we have simulated the roundabouts there. I think I've taken five hundred roundabouts. I'm glad it has paid off. Otherwise I would have been sick of all those roundabouts.


"It's always tough regardless of you're riding the fastest time or the tenth fastest time. If you know that the title is up for grabs, you can just give something extra in the end even when you are broken. Now we are in the lead again: 3-2.”


Vermote: It looked ridiculous but it worked

Julien Vermote said: 


"Riding behind a huge engine as Tony wasn't easy, but I was prepared to suffer and bring my contribution to the team's success. I worked hard in the first part of the race and I'm completely empty now, but it's all worth it. World Champion is something that stays with you for the rest of your life and I will need some time to let it sink in. I must thank to my teammates and to Tom Steels, who knew how to prepare this race."


"Not many riders can say that they are world champions,” Julien Vermote told Sporza. "In such a wonderful discipline it is something to cherish. But I guess it has not sunk in yet.


"We also have to thank Tom Steels for all the time he put into it. We have perfectly prepared at the airport in Ursel. We made roundabouts with cones. Maybe it looked ridiculous, but it worked. We came with a lot of confidence."


Lefevere: We were tired of losing to BMC

Etixx team manager Patrick Lefevere told Het Nieuwsblad:


"Two years in a row we were defeated, we now have the third title. This has enormous value. It is a prestige battle that we have won again.


"On paper, we might have less strong individual time triallists in our ranks compared to BMC but our team have formed a strong group. The past has proven that with a sprinter like Tom Boonen and now with Marcel Kittel in a team time trial you get a lot of power to your team. When you see how Marcel still shakes his body on the finishing straight, it’s just fantastic. A few days ago, he was still sick and we had him checked at the hospital in Roeselare. Now he's already back. This feels good.


"Mentally we were tired of losing to BMC and they even got a new bike last week. The psychological war had started but we remained calm. We have prepared in detail and that has now paid off. 


“Three titles in five World Championships: we can be very happy as a team. This is an award for those boys, a title that you can use to get sponsors. As a team we have - without wanting to brag - most victories during the season and now we put the icing on the cake. We proved once again that we are a team to be proud of. The fact that there a lot of WorldTour Teams are absent does not devalue this title. The teams competing for the medals were all here.


Sports director Tom Steels added:


"The guys did a really great job. They stayed in one line, never hesitated in the corners and did what they had to do. The team was smooth and strong, even on the technical parts, so congrats to our riders. Simulating a course makes a big difference, and doing this in our preparation for Qatar helped us a lot today.


“They were super. They should go very deep. I have rarely seen them to it like this. Even Tony was completely dead. Then you know that everyone has gone incredibly hard.


"Technically it was perfect and they put pressure on the other teams from the beginning. I think they had a very good day, but it was mainly the fact that everyone wanted to win today.”



Wilfried Peeters added:


"If you're world champion for the third time, it is a reward for the hard work of the past few weeks. To be three-time world champion in five years ahead of BMC and Orica is special."


BMC admit defeat: We were beaten by a stronger team

BMC Racing Team’s six riders fought hard throughout the 40km Team Time Trial at the UCI Road World Championships to claim the silver medal and stand on the podium for the fourth time in the team’s history.


As defending champions, having won in Ponferrada in 2014 and Richmond in 2015, BMC Racing Team was the last of 17 teams to roll down the start ramp with 40km of heat, wind and desert ahead.


The battle for the gold medal played out between BMC Racing Team and eventual winners Etixx-QuickStep, with the two teams on the same time at the second check point, well in front of their competitors.


It was in the final few kilometers of the race that Etixx-QuickStep proved to be too strong on the day and they crossed the line 12 seconds in front of BMC Racing Team.


Rohan Dennis said:


“We did everything we could leading up to it and you can’t win them all. I think we rode just as well as last year but Etixx-QuickStep were just better on the day so hats off to them. The first 30km felt ok but it was the last 10km that really hurt, especially with the change of pace with the corners. Obviously the heat played a part, I think that was the main factor, and it was quite smooth until we came into The Pearl. Of course it makes us hungrier for next year but a year is a long time and I’ve got the individual time trial on Wednesday to focus on.


"We have done everything we could so we cannot be disappointed with our race. It was the same as last year. It's just that we did not win. We were beaten by a stronger team. Last year we won by ten seconds and here we fought hard. We cannot turn back time and rethink the preparation. Adjusting to the heat played a role and perhaps they better were than us. Next year, we will try again. For Wednesday? Just look at the Eneco Tour, I'm in great shape!”

Stefan Küng added:


“I came from a long way down with my injuries but the team always had a lot of confidence in me and that really helped me. I’ve always had Doha in my head, especially the team time trial. I was training for it really hard, we all were, and everyone gave their best. From the new bike we have, to the riders and the staff, everyone involved gave 100% percent to defend out title. In the end you don’t always get what you wish for and we can be happy that we did everything we could and next year is another chance.”


Manuel Quinziato said:


“Sport is like that. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Today the Etixx-QuickStep guys were stronger than us so we lost to a strong team. It’s going to be even more interesting next year in Norway now.”


Taylor Phinney said:


"Obviously we’re pretty disappointed. We came here to win but losing by 11 seconds to Etixx, they showed they were the stronger team. I don’t think we had our best day as a group but we rode as intelligently as we could. I’m proud of the way that we rode.


"Just generally, I’m grateful to be here. Second place in the World Championships at the end of the day isn’t so bad. The race is over, it’s just a bike race in the desert. We’d love to have won, but that’s sport and that’s competition. Sometimes you’re beaten by a better squad.


"I think we all could have gone a little bit faster in the end but we were pretty maxed out by then, as you are in a team time trial. Honestly, if I look back, it’s almost like I’ve blacked out the last hour. It’s one of those events where it’s only afterwards that you can piece it together and figure out where you could have made time.


"Obviously if you look at the intermediate checks, we lost our time at the end, and that just comes down to whether you have enough horsepower in the end to push through."


"We wanted to arrive to the Pearl with six riders, that was the plan but it’s always kind of a loose plan. I think we knew that by the time we got into the finale, there would be four or five. Everybody’s deep in the pain cave by then, so strategy can only take you so far."


Sports director Jackson Stewart said:


“The fact that we didn’t win is a huge disappointment. We came here to win and we had a lot of reason to win with a lot of product support and new announcements with the team. I think the guys really wanted to show appreciation for that with a third win in a row, and that would have made some history which we were looking to do. If we lost by a few seconds maybe, we would have been angrier or more disappointed and then you could say that it just wasn’t your day but today losing by 12 seconds means we need to go back and look at what we didn’t get right. We know it’s in us, we’ve done it two times before and we can still be happy with our efforts today.”


Orica-BikeExchange: We can hold our heads very high

ORICA-BikeExchange continued their excellent history in the Road World Championships today by taking third place in the elite men’s team time trial to take home the Bronze medal in Doha, Qatar.


The Australian outfit crossed the line in 43minutes and nine seconds for the pan flat 40kilometre course, producing an outstanding performance in the heat of the desert behind winner Etixx-Quickstep.


Every member of the six-man team contributed, with Sport director Matt White praising the efforts of the squad and hailing their achievement.


“Really great result and an outstanding effort from the team today,” said White. “Everyone stepped up to another level as soon as we were down the ramp especially Michael Hepburn and Luke Durbridge.


“Luke was doing one minute turns on the front and really made the difference in the finale whilst the track boys, Michael and Alexander Edmondson switched immediately into competition mode despite the different preparation they had after the Olympics.


“Big Svein Tuft, Daryl Impey and Michael Matthews were also outstanding and as we expected the whole team rode as a tight unit and produced the goods.


“We can hold our heads very high and be happy with our achievement, it was a very fast course with changing wind directions, but to be honest it was a fairly light wind and everyone had to deal with the same conditions.


"The team delivered a great effort to achieve a huge result. Everyone had a high level when they were on the start ramp, especially Michael Hepburn and Luke Durbridge. Luke took turns of one minute and really made the difference! We can leave with our heads held high and be happy with this performance.”


Sky: If Van Poppel hadn’t been sick, we could have taken the bronze

Team Sky produced a strong ride to finish fourth in the team time trial World Championships.


Having been one of the last outfits to tackle the 40 kilometre course in Doha, the team stopped the clock in 43 minutes and 26 seconds to go provisionally quickest.


But Orica-BikeExchange and then both BMC and champions Etixx - Quick-Step bettered that mark, with Etixx - Quick-Step taking the title in a time of 42'32", racing at an average speed of 56.418km/h.


Geraint Thomas led the team over the line, flanked by Vasil Kiryienka, Nicolas Roche and Ben Swift, after Michal Kwiatkowski had finished his stint and lost contact with the team late on, while Danny van Poppel dropped out early on due to illness.


Although both Etixx - Quick-Step and BMC always looked stronger, the battle for the podium with Orica - BikeExchange was fierce. The Australian outfit were slower at the first time check, set the same time at the second check, and then nudged ahead, securing third by just 17 seconds.


Speaking to after the action, Sport Director Brett Lancaster explained that unfortunately illness potentially cost the team a medal.


He said: "We're feeling mixed emotions. The guys are happy, but we pretty much started with five guys today. Danny van Poppel has been suffering with stomach problems and to his credit, he started on the line and we told him to just sit in there for a little bit but he actually came through and did two turns, then he was out of there.


"We sort of know that if we had the sixth guy we might have been in the medals, but what we achieved today was fantastic. All the staff were good, the riders were very positive, even though they knew they were going in one man down, and that's very hard mentally to lineup like that. They're in good spirits. Onwards and upwards.


"We'd done three good training sessions this week but, to be honest, to win the thing you need more time. Unfortunately the way things have worked out this season with all the racing we have - some of our guys did Piemonte and Il Lombardia on the weekend - it's hard. But all the guys stepped up on the day and all performed very well.


"I'm proud of them - we're all proud of them here. It would just have been nice to get that medal!"


LottoNL-Jumbo: We secretly hoped for more

Team LottoNL-Jumbo raced to fifth in the world championship time trial today in Doha, Qatar.  Over 40 kilometres, the team clocked 43 minutes, 27.18 seconds -- 54 seconds slower than the winning team Etixx-Quick Step. They recorded 42-32.39.


“We are not pleased, but not so disappointed either,” Sports Director Mathieu Heijboer said. “We knew that the spots outside the top two would be a hard-fought, but we also could’ve ended up sixth or seventh.”


“We secretly hoped for more, but I also realise that we’ve made steps ahead in this discipline.”


After 13.6km, the team of Mathieu Heijboer and Jan Boven had the fourth best time behind Etixx, BMC and Sky. At the finish, Orica was also faster. Team LottoNL-Jumbo was just less than a second from fourth place.


"The difference for a podium place is a clear gap. We still need to improve.”


"The team rode a good time trial,” said Jos van Emden. “We were evenly matched and I noticed that we started to run empty at the same moment. Often there is always something to point out, but today, it went well.


"Our goal was actually the podium, and 18 seconds is a big gap. We were less than a second from Sky, but had it been less than a second from a podium place then that would have left a sour taste.”


Some worried about the Middle East heat in Doha. Van Emden considered that along with what he will face in Wednesday’s individual time trial and Sunday’s road race.


"The preparations I had for the heat served me well. Normally, I have trouble in the heat, but today, I felt used to it. We have to see what it will be like for Wednesday and Sunday.”


Wilco Kelderman felt the effort following the team time trial in his muscles. However, he also believes that the team performed well in what will be his last race in LottoNL-Jumbo’s yellow and white colours.


"It's always a different kind of pain than after a road race,” he said. “You feel it in your muscles especially because you are constantly fighting in that time trial position. Especially, given the course, where we covered many straights. You are always in that same tense position fighting for every advantage.


“We made no mistakes. We worked well together and were able to withstand the heat.


"It’s emotional to consider this is my last race with the team after such a long time and knowing everyone so well. Given the intense lead up and the race itself, I didn’t have time to really think about it until afterwards.


“I’m glad that my time with the team ended with such an event, racing as a group in a time trial. You do everything together, from the preparation to the race. It’s extra special to end this way."


Mechanical for Castroviejo destroyes team time trial for Movistar

Five World Championships, five-top-ten finishes for the Movistar Team following their 6th place on Sunday in sunny, hot Doha in Qatar, place for a 40km team time trial between the Lusail Sports Complex and the man-made islands of The Pearl. The squad directed by Eusebio Unzué and José Luis Arrieta - 1’11” behind newly crowned champions Etixx-QuickStep - grew over the course after a bad start, caused by a mechanical - and subsequent bike change - for Jonathan Castroviejo after just 2km of the race. The incident cost the Blues 45 seconds at the first intermediate check (13.6km), where they were 9th provisionally.


Always remaining together, Amador, Oliveira, Sütterlin, Erviti, Castroviejo and Dowsett - the Brit losing contact only 500 meters from the end - clocked the fourth best second section - coming 7th after 26km, 36” off bronze - and even third in the last 14km, crossing the line 34” behind Orica (3rd) and 17” after Sky and Lotto-Jumbo, both more than half a minute ahead of the Spanish outfit at the first split. The Movistar Team thus ended far from their third spot in Richmond 2015, yet repeating their prior best results from Limburg (2012) and Ponferrada (2014).


Jasha Sütterlin (GER), Nelson Oliveira (POR), Alex Dowsett (GBR), Jonathan Castroviejo and Imanol Erviti (ESP) will represent the Movistar Team with their respective national squads Wednesday at the individual time trial, over the very same 40km course where the TTT took place today.


Early loss of riders costly for Giant-Alpecin in Qatar

Giant-Alpecn clocked a time of 43’58”, which was good for a 7th place. Etixx-Quick Step won the world championships team time trial.


Coach Hans Timmermans said: “This was a tough day for us. We lost two riders early on in the race and taking that into account 7th place is not that bad. However, it was not the result we wanted to have at the start of the day.”


Katusha: We have improved a lot in the TTTs

The 2016 UCI World Championships began in Doha on Sunday with the first event the Team Time Trial. While the road and individual time trial events still to come are comprised of national teams, the TTT is held with trade teams and Team KATUSHA was part of today’s exciting action.


“Our six guys - Bystrøm, Kristoff, Kuznetsov, Mørkøv, Politt and Vorobyev - really did the maximum that was possible. In the last days they have shown they were very motivated for this race and for the coming races. It was a pleasure to guide and support these riders in the Qatar heat. Our result, an 8th place in the World Championship, is much better than our result in previous years. I am convinced we will grow in this discipline. We look forward to the coming races here in Doha. Some of our riders are in really good shape,” said sports director Torsten Schmidt.


KATUSHA was mid-pack for 8th place at 2:01.


Veranda’s Willems delivers big surprise by beating WorldTour team in Qatar

Veranda’s Willems finished tenth at the UCI world championships team time trial today in Doha, Qatar. With this result the team achieved its goal of finishing in the top ten of this world class field. Veranda’s Willems beat all other continental teams, pro continental team CCC Sprandi and even WorldTour team Ag2r La Mondiale.


Stef Van Zummeren was the rider bringing the team home in Doha. Also Aidis Kruopis, Christophe Prémont and Jan Ghyselinck, in his final race as a procyclist, were part of the foursome setting a time of 46 minutes 11 seconds. The average speed over the 40-kilometre long course was 51,95 km/h.


“To be the first one crossing the line was a special feeling. It was a great experience for all of us. For many this might be the only world championship we ever get to ride. We prepared ourselves for this event as a team the best we could and everyone was incredibly motivated to give their all. Everything went exactly according to plan, including where Elias (Van Breussegem) and Sander (Cordeel) had to let go,” Stef Van Zummeren said.


“I felt great today. The special preparation we did helped us a lot in this hard race. The first time we trained in the specially designed climate chamber at our sponsor Veranda’s Willems’ headquarters it was really hard. But it went better day by day. I think we showed on this global stage what kind of team Veranda’s Willems is.”


At the first intermediate check Veranda’s Willems was the fastest of the non-WorldTour teams. The average speed after 14 kilometres was 50,6 km/h. At the second time check the team also clocked the fastest time of the lower tier teams.


In the final 14 kilometres Veranda’s Willems managed to make up the lost time of 16 seconds at the 26-kilometre mark to create a four second lead on the finish line on Ag2-r-La Mondiale, thus securing a top ten place.


“We had set a time schedule based on the training rides we did this week. It was a tight schedule but the guys managed to stick to it," team trainer Kristof De Kegel said. "In the final part we 'sacrificed' Elias and Sander. The course on The Pearl was technical and that makes it harder with six riders."


"The riders were happy today and saw they have a place on an international stage like this one. The staff have worked intensively towards this event. The top ten result we obtained here is a reward for us all," De Kegel concludes.



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